What makes our products different?

Fired Up X uses  Far Infra Red (F.I.R) light  to produce the warm therapeutic heat you feel in our gloves, jackets, liners and other apparel. All of our competitors use some form of resistive wiring to produce heat.

Advantages of FIR Heat?

Far Infra Red is a Therapeutic Heat that heats users from the inside out. It penetrates skin to gently elevate body temperature. F.I.R  Rays are also very  safe and do not cause sunburn or damage to skin (not to be confused with UV Light). 50% of energy generated by our body is in the form of Far Infrared rays. Infrared Heat Therapy has been known to help with better blood circulation, Arthritis, healing and other Therapeutic purposes.

Drawbacks of Resistive Wiring?

95% of our competitors utilize some form of Resistive wiring in their apparel. Apparel using resistive wires consume too much power. Wires will eventually break with usage hence very minimal warranty. Wires also kink/coil creating a hot spot that will burn through. Resistive wires produce a sharp piercing heat. Heat is not uniform across the apparel.

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