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Costco Experience Part 2

Posted on September 27 2018

Well the product. And did it ever sell. Customers were buying multiple of each item for personal use and for gift items. 

We ended up clearing our entire inventory last year. 

Now it's 2018 and what are our plans? Well we are getting ready to launch products back on this year. We have improved the Vest Liner by adding Bluetooth and developing a temperature control application which will let the consumer control the vest temperature right down to the precise degree. The heating pads are now built in and very sturdy for machine wash capability. The app will be available in English and French as well as temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius. 

We had a minor issue with our glove liner and we have fixed the issue. 

We will now have 3 sizes in both the vest and the glove liner. 

This should be another exciting winter season. Stay tuned for more info. 


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