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Fired Up X Heated Apparel

Far Infrared Heated Glove Liners



The heated compression glove liner is made from a stretch Lycra fabric and is designed to be worn under any outer glove basically turning it into a heated glove without compromising your sense of style. There is hardly any loss in dexterity.

  • Heating zones are located in all Five fingers
  • Extremely small Lithium Polymer batteries go discretely at the top of the wrist in the gauntlet pocket
  • Multiple temperature settings can be changed from the temperature control button on gauntlet
  • 3-4 hours of heat in High (Red Light at 50 C/122 F), 4-5 Hours in Medium (White Light at 35 C/95 F) and 5-6 Hours at Low (Blue Light at 17 C/62 F)
  • Available in Three unisex sizes, XS (For XXS, XS, S) Medium (For M, L, XL) and 2XL (For 2XL, 3XL and 4XL)
  • 3 years warranty on heating tech.

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