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Fired Up X Heated Apparel

Far Infrared Heated Sock Liner


Introducing the World's first far Infrared Heated Sock Liner with Removable Heating pads. With heating pads at the top and bottom of the sock liner in custom pockets these sock liners produce up to 50 C/ 122 F heat at the highest setting. Remove the heating pads and wash as a normal sock.

  • Made from 100 % cotton
  • Removable Far Infrared Heating pads at top and bottom of sock liner
  • Extremely small Lithium Polymer batteries that go in provided pouch that clips on shoes or provided strap
  • Temperature control button located on pouch
  • Multiple temperature settings High (red Light), Medium (White Light) and Low (Blue Light) allowing for your comfort level
  • Battery will last 3-4 Hours in High, 4-5 Hours in Medium and 5-6 Hours in the Low setting
  • Available in Four sizes. See sizing chart below
  • 3 year warranty on the heating technology


Sizing Chart

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