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About Us/Shipping

Fired Up X is a smart heated wear company founded in 2010. With over 20 years of manufacturing, sales and marketing experience our team wanted to offer consumers products that incorporated cutting edge technology in heated apparel. Most of the market still uses a resistive wired based technology that has been around since 1945 and has several short comings. The products are designed with fashion and practicality in mind. Fired Up Infrared heated  products are guaranteed to not only keep you warm but look good while doing so.


We offer shipping throughout Canada, US and other parts of the world. Items in stock will be shipped the next business day and items not in stock will be processed and shipped within 8-10 business days (subject to change).

Please contact us at to find out more.



We will never share your personal or credit card details with anyone else.

 We never send unsolicited emails or provide details of your address or email details to mailing agencies.

 You will only ever be contacted by us in the event of a query regarding your purchase or if requested to by yourself.

 We never cold call or sell direct by phone.

 All purchases made over PayPal’s website payment pro secure server.

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 If you have any queries regarding the above please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

 We understand that different customers have unique needs and we can also customize products to meet the customer’s needs. We thank you for your business and hope you will give us a chance to keep you warm.