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  • Updates and Review Help

    Jan 19 2020

    Hi everyone, I know we had hoped to launch our new Far Infrared socks this year. Having said that the product was not ready in time for t...

  • About Our Batteries

    Jan 10 2019

    One of the questions I receive a lot is about the batteries we offer with our products and how to care for them. So let me tell you about...

  • 2019 Heated Socks

    Nov 20 2018

    Hey everyone. First of all thanks for your support for our products. It's nice to see when a product  you developed and designed come to ...

  • Personal Testimonial

    Apr 01 2016

    Woke up 2 days ago with a pinched nerve in my back. I occasionally get these. Bad sleeping habits, sleeping in weird positions, tossing a...

  • New Kickstarter Campaign Launching Soon

    Feb 14 2016

      Yes we have decided to launch a new campaign. But what products do we offer? How can we be different than every other heated apparel c...