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Posted on januar 19 2020

Hi everyone,

I know we had hoped to launch our new Far Infrared socks this year. Having said that the product was not ready in time for this winter season so I wanted to apologize for that. The new socks will definitely launch before next winter. We want to make sure the product is 100% before we launch as our plan is for this heated sock to be the benchmark in heated socks in the market. 

On another note this year our Vest sales really took off. I believe we almost doubled the sales for heated vests from last year. Our new and improved glove liners also sold really well. 

As you all know our products are sold on our website and through For anyone that has bought through Costco I am requesting a review on their website with your honest opinion. I know we have hundreds of happy customers but the ones who have an issue with the glove or Vest are usually the only ones that post reviews. I actually had a customer that bought the glove liners and said they didn't work at all and posted a review on As I investigated this further we found out that he was wearing the glove liners by themselves with no outer glove layer. Of course they will do nothing without an out heat trapping layer. So please if you have a second and have an opinion on our glove liners or vest liners I would appreciate an honest review on the Costco product page. 

If anyone has any issues please let me know via the contact page and we will find a solution immediately. We have noticed that we need to make the instructions more detailed and clear for our customers which is what we will work on. I am also planning on doing a video series of how to use and setup the products. 

Anyhow I hope everyone had a great holiday season and thank you for your support in helping our small company grow. Your feedback is very important to us so please feel free to send me an email directly from the contact us section. 

Stay Warm!

Jimmy Singh




  • Martin: November 22, 2022


    I am amazed at the quick service you provided when I had an issue with one of my glove liners. You not only responded to my queries in a very short time, you also replaced the liners at no charge and with minimum questions asked. With such service I shouldn’t have been surprised that the new liners were delivered to my door no more than 24 hours after my initial contact, but I was. I had just one day of skiing without them.

  • Celina: January 27, 2022

    Hi Jimmy:

    I bought the vest and gloves for my spouse and he loves them. Your customer service is top notch.

    I’m really interested in heated socks for him and would definitely buy them from you as the gloves and vest are great!

  • PAUL JAMES SCHMIDT: January 15, 2022

    Hi Jimmy,

    I’m still a huge fan of all your products and thank you for the way you have stood behind your heated apparel. Fairly cold up here in Jasper these days so no problem sending people to your website to check things out. My wife had been a hold out, but she is now wearing one of your vests as well.

    I’m really interested in socks if you get such a thing, good on you for holding off until you have them the way you want them. Some of the socks on the market are a little bit bulky and if it’s a heated sock I think you want it to be really thin. So far I use heated insoles, but I have problems breaking the wires in my performance ski boots as the liners lace up, so they get stressed.

  • Karen: February 19, 2020

    Hi Jimmy,
    I’ve had your gloves for about 4 years. They have saved my hockey-mom fingers from freezing off, especially during outdoor games, as well as during skiing and shovelling! I have Raynaud’s, which I found out after I got your gloves. The batteries still work well, but I need replacement gloves now. The stitching is coming apart. They are still awesome and I recommend them to everyone. Thanks!

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