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New Kickstarter Campaign Launching Soon

Posted on February 14 2016


Yes we have decided to launch a new campaign. But what products do we offer? How can we be different than every other heated apparel company? Well first of we are the only one that use Far Infrared heat in all our apparel. What product can we offer that is different and so much better than anyone in the market?

1. Heated Glove Liner - Made from a stretch lycra fabric this heated glove liner fits snug and designed to be worn under any outer layer glove. Heat will depend on the outer layer. But compared to our heated glove on offer the glove liner under a O'Neill winter glove provides the most heat. Opens up a whole new world of applications. You can wear this glove under a construction glove, ski glove, snowboard mitt, horse riding glove, leather glove, motorcycle glove and just about any glove that offers some sort of insulation. 

2. Heated Sock Liner - The heated sock liner will be the world's first heated sock with removable heating pads. The Infrared heat is fantastic but you are also able to remove the heating pads and wash the sock as you would a normal sock. The heating pads are located at the top and bottom of the sock liner. The battery goes in a pouch that can be clipped on to a strap or the top of your boot.

3. Heated Jacket/Vest Liner - We decided to improve our vest liner. Previously we used to have a removable fleece liner with a outer Stretch Lycra shell. Now we have just the Lycra layer with the fleece pockets that hold the heating pads sewn into the lycra. So essentially the thinnest heated liner in the world. For the same price we decided to offer either the vest or the jacket liner. The only difference is we add sleeves to the jacket liner. 4 heating zones stay the same. We also decided to offer 2 sets of smaller batteries. The biggest complaint we have had in the past is the size of the battery. To use a 5000 or 6000 mAh battery the size does get on the bulkier side so we are offering 2 sets of 3000 mAh batteries. These batteries are less than an inch in thickness and weight less than .2 lbs or 90 grams each. 

We are working creating the videos and images for now and target date to launch is March 1st. The revised date is now April 1st for the launch. Production of videos has taken longer than expected. This should not affect our delivery dates. 


  • Peter MacEwen: December 27, 2018

    We have several members of our patrol using the glove liners and vests, keep us warm out on the slopes. A GOOD heated sock liner would make things perfect.

  • Jimmy Singh: March 24, 2016

    Thanks for your kind words Jan. The motorcycle riders we have sold generation I vests to absolutely love our product. Several of them have other brand name metal wired heating products and have not gone back to them once they have tried our Far Infrared heated liners. There really is no comparison. We look forward to serving the motorcycle community with quality products.

  • Jan Tombs: March 22, 2016

    These products that you offer have been needed for a long time ,especially in the motorcycle industry.Have been riding since being a teenager ,am now a healthy active 68 year old,along with thousands of other long distance BMW riders that have thoroughly tested the elements and worn many quality products, one wishes you every success ,and will be putting in an order in the near future. Sincerely Jan Tombs

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