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About Our Batteries

Posted on January 10 2019

One of the questions I receive a lot is about the batteries we offer with our products and how to care for them. So let me tell you about our batteries.

We use Lithium Polymer batteries with our products; not to be confused with Lithium Ion. A lithium polymer battery is very light weight and have improved safety versus lithium Ion. They also cost more (50% more on average). 

But, as anyone might have seen with the recent saga of a certain cellphone brand being banned from flights, lithium-ion batteries are inherently unstable, suffer from aging, and are potentially dangerous. If the barrier that separates the positive and negative electrode is ever breached, the chemical reaction can cause combustion (fire). Li-ion batteries have become more popular in consumer electronics, businesses have tried to lower costs by cutting corners. 

Lithium-polymer batteries, on the other hand, are generally robust and flexible, especially when it comes to the size and shape of their build. They are also lightweight, have an extremely low profile, and have a lower chance of suffering from leaking electrolyte and as such are much safer.

I have also received a lot of questions regarding battery duration in our new Vest. One of the biggest differences from our previous generation model is that the new model vest has a built in thermostat that monitors temperature. So the two variables that will decide how long your battery will last is temperature (how cold it is) and Outer Layer (what insulating layer you have on top). If it is -35 Celsius outside and you have a hoody on, the battery will have to work extra hard to maintain the set temperature hence will deplete faster. In ideal conditions the battery should last 2 hours in high. In the lower settings the two variables are more important and will play a bigger factor in the run time. 

And don't forget to please charge your batteries at least once every 3 months when not in use. 



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