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Personal Testimonial April 01, 2016 17:24

Woke up 2 days ago with a pinched nerve in my back. I occasionally get these. Bad sleeping habits, sleeping in weird positions, tossing and turning too much (stress of being a small entrepreneur) or something else caused this pain in the left side near the middle of the back. I hate when it happens in the summer and can't golf until it gets better which usually takes about 5-7 days. 

So having researched Far Infrared Heat and selling products using this technology I decided why not be the guinea pig myself. So came to the office at 9 AM and put on one of our new Kickstarter products the FIR heated Vest Liner. Had it on high with a softshell jacket on top for about 4 hours when the battery ran out. Swapped the battery and had it on again for another 4 hours and did it one more time after that. Yes I spend more than 12 hours at the office almost every day of the week. 

At the end of the day the pain seemed to have gotten a lot better. By the time I got home had dinner, helped the kids with their homework and tucked them in, the pain was completely gone. I mean nothing at all. Disappeared. Although not a complete shock as I was expecting some results from the FIR heat therapy but to be pain free in one day was an absolute miracle. I can't stress the benefits of this heating technology while being very safe with no chance of hot spots or wires breaking. 

Kickstarter campaign is about done. Final touches being put on the videos by our Montreal production team led by Terrence. Can't wait to see the final results and go live with these heated liners. Here's hoping for the best. 

New Kickstarter Campaign Launching Soon February 14, 2016 22:16 2 Comments


Yes we have decided to launch a new campaign. But what products do we offer? How can we be different than every other heated apparel company? Well first of we are the only one that use Far Infrared heat in all our apparel. What product can we offer that is different and so much better than anyone in the market?

1. Heated Glove Liner - Made from a stretch lycra fabric this heated glove liner fits snug and designed to be worn under any outer layer glove. Heat will depend on the outer layer. But compared to our heated glove on offer the glove liner under a O'Neill winter glove provides the most heat. Opens up a whole new world of applications. You can wear this glove under a construction glove, ski glove, snowboard mitt, horse riding glove, leather glove, motorcycle glove and just about any glove that offers some sort of insulation. 

2. Heated Sock Liner - The heated sock liner will be the world's first heated sock with removable heating pads. The Infrared heat is fantastic but you are also able to remove the heating pads and wash the sock as you would a normal sock. The heating pads are located at the top and bottom of the sock liner. The battery goes in a pouch that can be clipped on to a strap or the top of your boot.

3. Heated Jacket/Vest Liner - We decided to improve our vest liner. Previously we used to have a removable fleece liner with a outer Stretch Lycra shell. Now we have just the Lycra layer with the fleece pockets that hold the heating pads sewn into the lycra. So essentially the thinnest heated liner in the world. For the same price we decided to offer either the vest or the jacket liner. The only difference is we add sleeves to the jacket liner. 4 heating zones stay the same. We also decided to offer 2 sets of smaller batteries. The biggest complaint we have had in the past is the size of the battery. To use a 5000 or 6000 mAh battery the size does get on the bulkier side so we are offering 2 sets of 3000 mAh batteries. These batteries are less than an inch in thickness and weight less than .2 lbs or 90 grams each. 

We are working creating the videos and images for now and target date to launch is March 1st. The revised date is now April 1st for the launch. Production of videos has taken longer than expected. This should not affect our delivery dates. 

Another One Bites The Dust!!! January 12, 2016 16:27

So we have been doing this a little over Two years now and I believe there is still room for improvement. There are tons of companies that manufacture heated apparel. However using a primitive resistive/metal wire based heating system will come back to bite you. Case and Point Fuelwear. They raised a little over $80K on IndieGoGo in 2014 and customers are still waiting for their heated vests. Now this definitely gives all heated apparel manufacturers a bad reputation especially on crowd funding campaigns. You can read the details in the comment section of their IndieGoGo campaign page here

Apparently the company has decided to shut down. Manufacturing is a complex procedure. The days of opening a factory and making a quality product are far behind for several company. It is just easier to buy from an overseas factory. Now it might be cheaper but there are several drawbacks. Quality for one. But most importantly putting all your eggs in one basket is never a good idea. Relying on a foreign factory to make all your products and shipping them directly to your customers is not a good idea. You can't maintain the quality standards. Lesson learnt.

On another note there is another heated apparel company that raised a little over $1.4 Million on kickstarter for supposedly " The World's First Heated Down Jacket", although Gerbings and a few other brands have been making heated down jackets for quite some time so don't understand how this is the world's first. Orders taken in Before Oct 23rd were supposed to arrive with customers before Christmas and guess what? Did not happen. Factory issues were once again cited for the problems which also include sizing issues with the heated hoody.

One thing that these company fail to mention which is the whole point of heated apparel is what heating technology they are using. It is cool to show a Jacket lying flat being driven over by a PickUp and jumping in a cold pool to show the jacket still works (however done in several cuts so who knows if the jacket stayed on). Also claiming they have a Patent on the technology is outrageous. Heated apparel tech has no technology patents. Heated apparel has been around since 1945 when WWII bombers used gloves with metal wires sewn into them and powered by a battery to keep their hands warm. Far Infrared heated apparel also can't claim any patents. Now there can be design patents on the way the apparel is made but the technology itself cannot be patented. They ran out 20 years ago. 

We have a modular system in place for manufacturing. We have sourced a battery factory that makes our Lithium Polymer batteries. We have a factory that makes our Far Infrared Heating pads to our specifications. We also have another overseas factory that makes the apparel with our control buttons sewn in. Everything arrives here in Canada where we test and package the products before shipping out to customer. What this allows us to do is offer a product that has high quality control standards and if there are any problems it is easy for us to change that particular supplier. We don't rely on one factory to make the entire product and ship it from overseas. This means that duties are far less for our customers and shipping costs are also very low. Here are the comments from the latest crowdfunding campaign for the company that raised a fair bit of money on KickStarter:-

Most of the complaints are about the shipping costs and duties charged.

Fired Up X will also be doing a KickStarter campaign with some of our new products that are set to launch next year. Stay tuned for more details. 


What makes us different than our competition? August 11, 2015 11:46

Heated apparel has been around since 1945 when WWII Bombers used metal wires in gloves connected to a battery to keep their hands warm. How much has the technology changed since then? Not much. 90% of companies still use some form of resistive wiring to produce heat. Think of an electric stove. When you turn it on it heats up everything on top or around it. Now using that same principle in clothing, imagine these wires stitched into your clothing or gloves and passing an electric current through them so they get burning hot to heat you up. Safe? You be the judge. 

Fired Up utilizes Infrared heat in all our apparel. What is Infrared heat and is it safe? Our bodies emit Infrared heat. In the winter when we wear insulated clothing; it's the heat that our bodies emit that is trapped to keep us war, That is Infrared heat. The Sun heats up the Earth with Infrared heat. Not to be confused with Ultra Violet rays which are harmful; Infrared Rays are actually beneficial. Known to help with Arthritis, blood circulation, healing tissue besides keeping us war, these rays heat the body from the inside out. 

Infrared heated apparel needs very minimal power so smaller batteries will last a lot longer. Resistive wired based heated apparel really have high power consumption. If we were to put our 4 hour glove battery (on high setting) in a resistive wired heated glove it would probably last about 15 minutes. How about the temperature difference? Infrared heat doesn't heat up the air around it. It only heats up what it's in contact with. So technically cannot burn the user but the liner that it is in contact with will get hotter with a more uniformly spread heat versus having your skin heated up in specific areas. 

Metal wires have a tendency to kink/coil and break. Kinking and coiling will create a hot spot that will overheat resulting in burns. Wires breaking will mean the product will not work anymore. Our over sized Infrared heating pads have an average mean life of 80,000 hours. What does that mean, the product will last a very long time. 

We are also the first company with removable heating pads. In our initial research we realized consumers hate having to hand wash apparel so we made it simple. Remove the heating pads from the apparel and drop it into the laundry. It's that simple. We also warranty the heating pads in our apparel for 3 years. If there's a problem we can simply swap out the heating pads for you. 

Now you decide how you want to stay warm in colder weathers. Resistive wiring or Infrared heat. 

The winter of 2014-15 was the season that divided America March 27, 2015 16:47

The winter of 2014-15 was among the more unusually divisive such seasons on record, according to new data released on Friday. While the West saw record warmth and dryness, the Midwest and East shivered through brutal cold not seen since the 1930s in some places, along with large amounts of snow.

"Many northeastern states had February average temperatures that were the second coldest on record, with several individual cities being record cold," NOAA said in a statement. "Record snowfalls were widespread in the East, while record warmth engulfed much of the West."