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2019 Heated Socks

Posted on November 20 2018

Hey everyone. First of all thanks for your support for our products. It's nice to see when a product  you developed and designed come to fruition with sales orders. 

Update on our heated vest liners. We are selling them non stop. It really is the only liner that is extremely thin and stretchy so worn comfortably under any outer layer. The App for the Vest liner is now on the app stores. Both for Android and for Apple. 

I have been getting a lot of questions regarding our socks and I wanted to update all of you on what is going on. Last years heated socks did well in the market but upon further evaluation and feedback did not meet the stringent quality and performance goals we have set for our products so we are doing a complete design overhaul and launching again for 2019 winter. We have been working with a design firm and have come u p with a design that will take the market by storm. Trust me when I say there will be nothing in the market like the heated socks we will have next year. Here are some key highlights:-

  • High quality knee high Merino wool sock - breathable and warm on it's own.
  • Large heating pad encompassing the entire front of the foot providing warm infrared heat that will spread everywhere in the feet. Focus will be the toes.
  • Testing new smaller batteries for socks. So instead of one battery we will offer two smaller ones for each sock. Use one, charge one at the same time. 
  • Bluetooth capability will allow for smartphone connectivity and heat control either manually with the button (top of sock) or the app. If your phone dies or you lose Bluetooth connectivity the sock will continue to heat at the last set temperature and can still be controlled manually just like the feature we have in our current vest liner.
  • The primary focus will be to keep you feet and toes warm and have something that will be machine washable. 
  • Retail will be around $300 CAD. Not final yet. 


We welcome any feedback from our loyal customers. Please send me an email at

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