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Battery Care

We are one of a few manufacturers that use Lithium Polymer batteries instead of Lithium Ion. Li-Po batteries are more expensive, safer to use and have better performance thank Lithium Ion batteries. 

The most important requirement to make your batteries last longer is making sure that the lithium cells do not get stagnant. To avoid this you must fully charge and discharge your batteries every 2 - 3 months. Especially in the summer months when the product is not in use, fully charge the battery, plug into your liner and switch on. Leave liner on until battery is fully discharged. Once again fully charge battery and store in dry, cool place. 

Lithium Polymer batteries should never be thrown in garbage for safety and environmental reason. We recommend to help find a recycle drop off location. 

Li-Po batteries are safe for airplane travel, however must be in your carry on and not in your checked baggage for travel. 

Additional batteries are available for sale on our website under the accessories section.