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What makes us different than our competition?

Posted on August 11 2015

Heated apparel has been around since 1945 when WWII Bombers used metal wires in gloves connected to a battery to keep their hands warm. How much has the technology changed since then? Not much. 90% of companies still use some form of resistive wiring to produce heat. Think of an electric stove. When you turn it on it heats up everything on top or around it. Now using that same principle in clothing, imagine these wires stitched into your clothing or gloves and passing an electric current through them so they get burning hot to heat you up. Safe? You be the judge. 

Fired Up utilizes Infrared heat in all our apparel. What is Infrared heat and is it safe? Our bodies emit Infrared heat. In the winter when we wear insulated clothing; it's the heat that our bodies emit that is trapped to keep us war, That is Infrared heat. The Sun heats up the Earth with Infrared heat. Not to be confused with Ultra Violet rays which are harmful; Infrared Rays are actually beneficial. Known to help with Arthritis, blood circulation, healing tissue besides keeping us war, these rays heat the body from the inside out. 

Infrared heated apparel needs very minimal power so smaller batteries will last a lot longer. Resistive wired based heated apparel really have high power consumption. If we were to put our 4 hour glove battery (on high setting) in a resistive wired heated glove it would probably last about 15 minutes. How about the temperature difference? Infrared heat doesn't heat up the air around it. It only heats up what it's in contact with. So technically cannot burn the user but the liner that it is in contact with will get hotter with a more uniformly spread heat versus having your skin heated up in specific areas. 

Metal wires have a tendency to kink/coil and break. Kinking and coiling will create a hot spot that will overheat resulting in burns. Wires breaking will mean the product will not work anymore. Our over sized Infrared heating pads have an average mean life of 80,000 hours. What does that mean, the product will last a very long time. 

We are also the first company with removable heating pads. In our initial research we realized consumers hate having to hand wash apparel so we made it simple. Remove the heating pads from the apparel and drop it into the laundry. It's that simple. We also warranty the heating pads in our apparel for 3 years. If there's a problem we can simply swap out the heating pads for you. 

Now you decide how you want to stay warm in colder weathers. Resistive wiring or Infrared heat. 


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